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Kit Dodói

Dolls: Mônica and Cebolinha Dodói

These are the characters Mônica and Cebolinha, accompanied by a medical kit that contains an injection, thermometer, pressure gauge and stethoscope. These dolls can become companions that offer the child the opportunity to:
• Identify with doctors and nurses: the child is the “doctor” of Cebolinha or Mônica. She is the one who will take care of your doll, just like your doctor does.
• Share your desires with your doll. In these cases, the puppet is also patient and is experiencing the same difficulties as the child.
• Identify the doll with the doctor or professional caregiver, establishing an interaction as if he were one of the members of the health team.

Health team guidance manual

Aiming to expand the use potential of the parts developed for the project, this manual exemplifies common situations in the treatment stages and presents suggestions for better application of the parts.

PDF Download

A comic book containing three stories

One about lymphoma, another one about leukemia and the last one bone marrow donation. In them, Turma da Mônica (Mônica’s Group) presents new group members – a girl with leukemia and another with lymphoma – interacting and playing with them.

PDF Download

Activity magazine

With seven errors games, crosswords, coloring pictures, puzzle and maze, reinforcing the themes of the magazines.

PDF Download

Five posters

About bone marrow donation, blood donation, signs and symptoms of childhood cancer in general and two others showing the symptoms of lymphoma and leukemia.

PDF Download

Games and Door Warnings

A memory game, a trail game and door warnings, reinforcing the main themes of the project.

PDF Download (Games)
PDF Download (Door Signs)

Pain scale

A scale with the characters’ features demonstrating, through their expressions, the variations in pain intensity. The objective is for the child to point out which of the figures corresponds to their pain.

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Diagnostic cards

The child chooses an illustration that symbolizes their pain. They are Turma da Mônica – Mônica’s Group illustrations, representing feelings and sensations such as tingling, high temperature, shortness of breath, etc., which seek to subsidize the doctor and the care team.

PDF Download

Illustrated Book - Childhood Cancer

Play that approaches cancer in general, with information about treatments and care.

PDF Download

Adhesive Art

Two arts that will decorate the hospital interaction spaces for children.

Art for Hospital Mask

With the character’s “mouths”, it aims to bring distraction and joy to the assisted child.

Parents' booklet

With information and guidance for parents and caregivers.

PDF Download

Story Box

104 cards game, with the themes: places, actions, characters, qualities and objects. By combining these themes, children will be able to have fun telling many stories.

Dodói App

Passtime application, with 33 digital games – 2D, based on the printed version of Activity Magazine, plus two 2D games based on the “In nity Runner” and “Health Care” versions, all with versions for Android (Tablets) and iOs (iPad).


The main goal is to make the professional identify himself with the project.


ABRALE – Associação Brasileira de Linfoma e Leukemia – was founded in 2002 with the mission of offering help and mobilizing partners so that all people with blood cancer in Brazil have access to the best treatment.

Encouraged Project

This “Dodói Project SIPAR: 25000.159.980/2014-91” is encouraged by PRONON.

Established by Law No. 12,715/2012, the National Support Program for Oncology Care (PRONON) is a program implemented by the Ministry of Health to encourage actions and services developed by non-profit entities, associations and private foundations in the oncology field and people with deficiency. Individuals and companies that contribute with donations to projects in these two areas may benefit from tax deductions in the Income Tax.

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