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Inclusion of children and adolescents in treatment | Dodói Project

Developed in partnership with Instituto Mauricio de Sousa, Dodói Project is an Abrale initiative that contributes to a more humane treatment of children and adolescents with cancer, in addition to allowing patients to better understand the stages involved in treatment and better communication with health professionals.

The project has educational and recreational materials, which form the Dodói Kit: Monica or Cebolinha dolls; toy medical kit; comic books; books for family members and health professionals; activity books; feeling and emotion cards; backpack; and others.

The program is available at approximately 40 specialist treatment centers across the country. Until today, Dodói Project has already benefited thousands of children, between 3 and 14 years old, in addition to having trained more than 200 health professionals. Abrale carries out annual campaigns to raise funds, used in the manufacture and distribution of kits, which are donated to partner hospitals that care for children with cancer.

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