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Since 2018, the Abrale Patient Committee defines itself as “multipliers of good”.

The Abrale Patient Committee consists of a group of influential patients, who represent the various pathologies welcomed within ABRALE. Its goal is to welcome and help people undergoing treatment for cancer and blood disorders from all over the country, in addition to multiplying information in different channels, aiming to empower other patients regarding their treatment.

The Abrale Patient Committee has as main objectives:

  • exchange of information and experiences;
  • carrying out actions that unite efforts to improve the quality of life of patients throughout Brazil;
  • and encourage the patient to be a multiplier of the cause, in addition to being the protagonist and decision-maker of their own treatment

The Patient Committee is an important front that carries out actions in 3 areas:

Focus on Patient

Keeping the focus on the patient, for the Committee, is to present important demands for Abrale, which represent patients and their pathologies. Among these demands are included:

  • challenges faced before, during and after diagnosis/treatment, reports,
  • collaboration with the department that provides support to the patient (through free services) in the clarification of doubts of patients who seek the organization,
  • encouraging patients to engage with the association’s projects.

Abrale’s Actions and Campaigns

The committee is strongly committed to publicizing Abrale’s actions, events and campaigns in digital media in order to promote engagement and expand the reach of all the organization’s achievements. Beyond that, it is also the Committee’s responsibility to contribute and give support to content production (text, video, images) in different channels, such as websites, social media, Abrale Magazine, Abrale TV and Podcasts.

Event Holdings

The Patients Committee members have an active participation during the events held by ABRALE, as well as in the organization of charitable events to raise funds for the Organization or even for a patient who has an urgent need to be met.

The committee is highly active in presenting Abrale’s services within patient groups either via whatsapp or social media. This way, volunteers connect with and welcome new patients, who always present new needs and demands. The Committee collects multiple drug donations, often acting together with regional representatives in some patient demands, as well as participating in meetings with the hospital’s board, where Abrale acts with representation.


ABRALE – Brazilian Lymphoma and Leukemia Association – was founded in 2002 with the mission of offering help and mobilizing partners so that all people with blood cancer in Brazil have access to the best treatment.


The contents available on this portal are exclusively educational and informative. Under no circumstances should it replace medical advice, examinations and/or treatment. If in doubt, consult your doctor! Access to information is everyone’s right.

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