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Member Associations in 18 Latin American countries, and USA, Spain and Portugal
Patients Rechead with more than 100 Pathologies Represented
Associations with Financial Support of US 10,000.00 each, in six years

Red Alianza Latina | Alianza Latina Network

Alianza Latina is a work project led by Abrale, and makes up one of its pillars called “Education and Information”. Formed by more than 120 member associations operating in 21 countries (18 of them in Latin America), the United States, Portugal and Spain, the Alianza Latina Network aims to bring together patient support leaders and promote the sharing of best practices among social health entrepreneurs, providing its members with a space for debate and learning, with similar ideals and missions, so that they can dialogue and together change the health scenario on the continent.

What is the Red Alianza Latina mission?

Alianza Latina’s mission is to promote training, professionalization and cooperation between patient support organizations to continuously improve the quality of life of patients with chronic noncommunicable diseases in Latin America.

Alianza Latina Forum – Best Practices for the Third Health Sector

Annually in November, the Red holds the Best Practices Forum for the Third Health Sector, whose goal is to share knowledge and professionalize patient support organizations, providing information to strengthen their performance and raise the quality, expectation and life expectancy of patients in the region.

The event features masterclasses given by experts from around the world, on best practices in several areas:

  • Advocacy
  • Health Data
  • Fund-raising
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Volunteering
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic planning.  

Commitments Program

Each organization’s management milestones are evaluated throughout the year to help implement an effective business strategy. The most engaged members receive a training and mentoring program the following year.

Coaching Leadership

The Coaching Leadership Program is an annual strategic training for leaders of the member associations that engaged the most in activities during the year and scored the most in the Commitment Program: Theoretical in Practice. These are three themed groups to help improve the leadership and development of patient support associations.

Become a member

To be a member of the Alianza Latina Network , it is necessary to be a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) legally registered in your country of origin, focused on patient support actions and in accordance with the mission and objectives of Alianza Latina . To learn more about the rights and responsibilities of members and Alianza Latina’s code of conduct, please read the Internal Regulations carefully.


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