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ABRALE Volunteer Program

The ABRALE Volunteer Program has existed since 2006.

We believe in volunteer work as a way of transforming the human being who performs it, and the entire society that benefits.

What is it to be a volunteer?

Volunteering is helping others, without expecting anything in return. It is donating your time, work and talent to social causes that generate well-being for everyone involved.

ABRALE has a registry of volunteers who identify with our cause and are willing to help. Our volunteer department analyzes the profile of all volunteers in order to fit them into actions, events and even directly with a department.

I want to be a volunteer

What are the prerequisites to be an ABRALE volunteer?

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Have a minimum of 4 hours per week during business hours (Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 7 pm);
  • Be of courage and commitment, respecting the agreed days and times;
  • Be interviewed and approved by the volunteer coordinator;
  • Participate in onboarding and training for volunteers.


Which areas of ABRALE does volunteers contribute? In several areas, such as:

  • In clinical research: conducting (telephone) interviews with patients, healthcare professionals or physicians. The objective of the interviews is to collect relevant information that helps us understand how treatment is happening in Brazil. Research data are essential for us to seek the necessary improvements through actions carried out by the public policy department.
  • In scientific or social events: publicizing and selling invitations, or actively participating in the event as a staff, or even as a photographer or videomaker.
  • Communication department: translating institutional materials. Collaborating in video editing or filming.
  • When typing the São Paulo invoice: typing the tax coupons without Taxpayer Registry (CPF). This collaboration can be done remotely or at our headquarters, through the São Paulo invoice Program.
  • In health campaigns in your region: collaborating in actions resulting from health campaigns, or in the dissemination of institutional materials to health professionals and patients in hospitals and basic units of health.


ABRALE – Brazilian Lymphoma and Leukemia Association – was founded in 2002 with the mission of offering help and mobilizing partners so that all people with blood cancer in Brazil have access to the best treatment.


The contents available on this portal are exclusively educational and informative. Under no circumstances should it replace medical advice, examinations and/or treatment. If in doubt, consult your doctor! Access to information is everyone’s right.

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