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Social Investment

“Our values include: love, ethics, professionalism, integral care, equality, acceptance, faith and union.”

Since ABRALE foundation, we have already helped thousands of patients and, based on these values, we have built an important network of collaboration with the main players involved in the health segment. We foster connections and alliances with the purpose of making better use of human and material resources.

We received important awards, among them the Social Entrepreneur Award from Folha de São Paulo and Schwab Foundation and the Best ONGs to Donate (ONGs para Doar), from Revista Época and Instituto Doar, in recognition of the seriousness and importance of our work and, certainly, we had a great participation in the treatments improvement and the laws advancement, which greatly benefited the health and oncology system in Brazil.

The lives of thousands of patients depend on our work and support. Therefore, ABRALE mobilizes partners to guarantee universality, equity and comprehensiveness in service for all.

Our work cannot stop and everyone is invited to participate.

Be a partner, a donor, a volunteer and let’s work together to improve the health of the country and its citizens. 

All help counts!




ABRALE – Brazilian Lymphoma and Leukemia Association – was founded in 2002 with the mission of offering help and mobilizing partners so that all people with blood cancer in Brazil have access to the best treatment.


The contents available on this portal are exclusively educational and informative. Under no circumstances should it replace medical advice, examinations and/or treatment. If in doubt, consult your doctor! Access to information is everyone’s right.

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