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The Oncology Observatory is an online and dynamic platform for monitoring open data and sharing relevant information in the Oncology area in Brazil.
“In 2015 we launched the Oncology Observatory, an online platform for consolidating, analyzing and publishing open data and sharing relevant information in the Oncology area in Brazil. With this tool, we are able to closely monitor how cancer treatment is happening in the country, ensuring better access for all.” – Merula Steagall


  • With a descriptive methodology, the studies by the Oncology Observatory seek to determine the distribution of disease and health-related conditions;
  • All studies use government data (DGA);
  • The main databases used are from the Ministry of Health (DataSUS), National Cancer Institute (INCA) and Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE);
  • The data cover four dimensions: demographic, epidemiological, health care procedures and care network structure;
  • The production of information is based on outpatient visits, hospital admissions, cancer incidence and mortality.


Open government microdata mining, especially from the Ministry of Health, INCA and IBGE, covering the entire national territory. Tools developed by DataSUS are used for tabulating and processing data.


Strategic analysis for greater social engagement through Big Data techniques. Ideas may arise from suggestions from the site users themselves. It is possible to download the databases used in the studies.


Sharing and disseminating perspectives brought by the visualization of infographics, so that everyone can have access to the data, without the need to have the technical knowledge to use them directly.


ABRALE – Brazilian Lymphoma and Leukemia Association – was founded in 2002 with the mission of offering help and mobilizing partners so that all people with blood cancer in Brazil have access to the best treatment.


The contents available on this portal are exclusively educational and informative. Under no circumstances should it replace medical advice, examinations and/or treatment. If in doubt, consult your doctor! Access to information is everyone’s right.

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